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What we see most often: the ICD Diagnostic Codes

The medical profession has established an international coding system for diseases and dysfunctions. Collectively these are known as the International Classification Codes of Diseases (ICD codes).

For example, if a doctor in Spain needs to locate information on Hepatitis he can find this disease and specific information regarding it in a medical ICD handbook through its ICD code. Speech and Language Pathologists use this same universal code to diagnose and label dysfunctions within their specialty.

Although there are a wide variety of Speech and Language disorders and ICDs, the most prevalent that we see at Children’s Speech Care Center are:

Aphasia 784.3
Aphonia 784.41
Auditory Perceptual Processing 388.40; 389.14
Developmental Articulation 315.39
Developmental Language Disorder 315.31
Disorders of Written Expression 787.2
Dysarthria 784.5 (link 1-iv-g)
Expressive Language Disorder
Infantile Autism 299.0
Otitis Media 382.9
Social Impairment (Symbolic Dysfunctions) 784.6
Stuttering or Stammering 307.0
Voice Disturbances 784.49
Verbal Dyspraxia 784.69

We will discuss each of these in alphabetical order over the next several pages.

We will also discuss some of the other less common dysfunctions in section "Other Speech and Language Impairments and Disorders".


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