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Image of girl with crayon plus a quote "Our philosophy is to see your child as a 'whole' and maximize their ability to communicate."


Thinking about your personal needs

  1. You and your child's needs
    1. Perspective
    2. How to discover if your child has a problem
    3. If you do discover your child has a problem, what is next?
    4. Getting your child evaluated
    5. The Specifics
    6. Important considerations if treatment is needed
    7. What now?
  2. Getting educated and keeping up-to-date
    1. The Internet
    2. Libraries
    3. Handouts
    4. Our Glossary of Speech and Language related terms
  3. Selecting a Speech and Language clinic that is right for you.
    1. Your second most important decision
    2. A complete package
    3. Personal Connection
    4. Credentials and References
    5. Past Patient Referrals
    6. Experience and Specialty
    7. Medical Recommendations
    8. Size and Flexibility
    9. The last word about competency
    10. Facilities and Equipment
    11. Tour
    12. Link to printable Clinic Selection Form

  4. Methods of paying for therapy
    1. Private
    2. Insurance
    3. NPA
    4. Regional Centers
    5. Other Resources
  5. Resources for getting additional help
    1. Medical
      1. Pediatricians
      2. Family Physicians
      3. General Internists
      4. Neurologists and Pediatric Neurologists
      5. Otorhinolaryyngologists
      6. Psychiatrists
      7. Child Psychiatrists
      8. Psychologists
      9. Child Psychologists
      10. Marriage and Family Counselors
      11. Licensed Clinical Social Workers
      12. Educational Psychologists
      13. Psychotherapists
      14. Family Therapists
      15. Therapists
      16. Counseling
      17. Audiologists
    2. Educational
      1. Schools and the IEP process
    3. Legal
      1. Lawyers
      2. Advocates
    4. Other Therapeutic Specialists
      1. Occupational Therapists
      2. Physical Therapists
      3. Educational Therapists
      4. Behavioral Therapists
  6. Tell us about yourself
    1. Family and Patient Profile
    2. Patient Survey


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