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Your needs and your child's needs

There are two basic elements to consider when you are searching for speech and language treatment. The first concerns the specific needs of your child and the second concerns the needs of your family. In choosing an agency, (the word “agency” is used as a general descriptive term given to any type of organization that will treat your child) whether it is the school system, a private practice, or a nonpublic clinic, or a hospital, the institution must meet your two specific areas of need. It must be a good match for your child and your family.

Most private practices and private and nonprofit clinics you will find will be competent to treat your child using a combination of “tried and true methods” and innovative, specific, custom-designed treatment plans.

We cover meeting your child’s specific needs under our title “Selecting a speech and language clinic for your child”. For details, you are encouraged to read this important chapter.

In general, we think you will agree that an ideal choice for an agency be the one that consistently delivers quality care designed specifically for your child and meets his or her needs in a way that maximizes your child’s potential and achieves results. We would also include that the environment in which your child receives intervention be one that they embrace and enjoy. The best possible choice of an organization would include all these qualities.

The second area discussed herein concerns your family’s needs, and we address this in more detail in the above-mentioned chapter as well as in : “Family participation.

Below is listed many of the elements that you will want to consider:

  1. The personal connection that is so important in building your ability to help your child progress both within and out side the agency. .
  2. Your schedule and your child’s schedule—and the agency’s ability to accommodate you.
  3. The overall flexibility of the agency to meet your needs and your child’s changing needs as therapy progress.
  4. The support your family will receive from the agency for your specific goals.
  5. The ability of the agency to cooperate on a multidisciplinary basis with other professionals and caregivers in your child’s world.
  6. Your comfort and treatment while at the clinic.
  7. The long-term cost of therapy and your family’s financial status and flexibility.
  8. Your feelings (comfort level), understanding, and confidence in the treatment program and the therapist.

These are only a few of the issues that will face you and your family. It is our opinion that these and many other questions must be answered prior to enrolling your child in any speech and language program.

In the end, the best choice of a treatment environment is the one that best benefits you, your family, and most importantly, your child.

In the following sections, we try to answer some of the questions you may have, and share our perspective with you.

We have one goal: that you and your child get the most appropriate care possible. We are here to help you, and we would be happy to assist you whether you choose our clinic or not. Please feel free to count on us as a valuable resource for getting the help you need.

For assistance, contact Bob Alba, Director of Operations.


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