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Image of girl with crayon plus a quote "Our philosophy is to see your child as a 'whole' and maximize their ability to communicate."


Learning about the Speech Center

  1. Historical Overview
  2. Our Treatment Philosophy
  3. Pediatric Speech and Language is our primary focus
  4. Our Shared Foundation
  5. Our Basic Approach
    1. Phase One: Assessment
    2. Phase Two: Treatment Plan
    3. Phase Three: Integration
  6. Speech and Language Therapy: A Description
  7. Early Intervention
  8. Speech and Language Programs
    1. Private Therapy
    2. Semi Private or Small Group Therapy
    3. Social/Play Skill Development Groups
      1. Who may benefit?
      2. Group Objectives
      3. Group Description/Format/Schedules
      4. Kid Talk
  9. Computer Learning
    1. Commercial Software
    2. Software for Speech and Language
    3. Fast ForWord™
  10. Family Participation
    1. In the clinic
    2. Skills for parents at home
    3. Skills for parents in the community
    4. At school
  11. Multidisciplinary Cooperation
    1. Our Concept
    2. Coordination
    3. With your Pediatrician
    4. With you School
    5. With other caregivers and professionals
  12. Meet our staff
    1. Read biographies and credentials
      1. Lynne Alba
      2. Bob Alba
      3. Malea K. Balwan
      4. Stacey Bryden
      5. Carrie Confer-Kebelbeck
      6. Ursula Denley
      7. K.C. Ellis
      8. Jonathan C. Everett
      9. Charlene Martens
      10. Elizabeth C. Meier
      11. Sarah Morales
      12. Mary Radler
      13. Loretta A. Schamberger
      14. Joni Tamashiro
      15. Andrea L. Trow
      16. Carla Wolters
      17. Maria Worthington
      18. Nicole C. Yule
  13. Take a tour of the facilities
    1. Text Tour
    2. Online Streaming Video Tour
  14. Contacting Us
    1. Personal contact page
    2. Make an appointment
    3. Order a brochure
    4. Tell us about your family and child
  15. Important news for parents
    1. Internal Events
    2. Outside Events
  16. Employment and Participation
    1. Employment Opportunities
    2. The Professional Colleague Program
    3. Student and Professional section
  17. Locating us using Map Quest



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