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Image of girl with crayon plus a quote "Our philosophy is to see your child as a 'whole' and maximize their ability to communicate."


Employment and Participation

Child speech Care Center employs certified full time Speech and Language Pathologists, Contract SLPs, Speech aides and SPLPAs.

We are always interviewing prospective staff members and welcome all resumes. Please use Email, Fax or mail your resume to Lynne Alba .

We will review your resume as quickly as possible and get back to you by phone within a few days.

Our practice is about 90% pediatric but we see adults. 95% of cases are seen at the clinic however for those who are able on-site visits are also an option.

We offer competitive rates commensurate with experience and a full benefits for full time employees.

We pride our selves on an excellent work environment, a diversified cases load and flexible working schedules.

Our offices are among the most modern in the area and our programs opportunity for growth and advancement.

Please be sure to check out the rest of our website especially the description of our complete treatment philosophy

Please read the "Help wanted ads" below for specific opportunities this time.

Thank you for your interest in our clinic.

Employment Opportunities

Now interviewing for:

  • CFY
  • Contract
  • Fulltime SLP
  • SLPAs


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