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Maria Worthington

In Loving Memory
July 21, 1921 - September 22, 2012

Flora Maria Worthington (Mom) was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in Central America. She shares a special relationship with the clinic in that she is Bob Alba’s mother. She is Bilingual in Spanish.

She was educated in private schools in Costa Rica and sent to Finishing Schools in the USA at Saint Joseph Academy for women in Maryland and the Academy of the Assumption in Wellesley, Massachusetts. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, she furthered her education by taking courses in Child Psychology (to which she attributes some of her success in raising three sons of her own). Her original intention was to return home to Costa Rica and open a school for disadvantaged and infirmed children.

She did return home but marriage brought her back to the U.S. where she and her husband opened a business and started their family.

Later she continued her education at Woodberry College in Los Angeles and also took courses in Business Administration and Political Science.

Maria was born into an influential family in her native Costa Rica and can count two Presidents as well a number of other government officials in the family tree. It has been this heritage that has allowed her to work in a number of business fields over the years and from time to time, she has been able to assist American and other international firms interested in conducting business in Costa Rica.

Maria’s position at the clinic is one facilitating communication between the patients and their families and other clinical staff. She is very instrumental in caring for the siblings of our families during the time they are in conference with clinicians and operational staff. You will often find her in conversation with family members or caregivers helping make their visits to the clinic as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

“Mom” is also the primary care person for our small menagerie of pets that are kept at the clinic for the enjoyment of the children.

Maria has expressed her feeling about her work at the clinic in the simple but heartfelt sentiment “I have always loved children and that is why I am working at Children’s Speech Care Center. I feel that I am the grandmother for all of them.”


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