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Kathleen A. Reilly

Kathleen is a doctoral student at Boston University in the Department of Applied Linguistics. Her dissertation is focused on how young children with autism disorders learn language: are underlying mechanisms the same or different than those of typical children?

Kathleen is also a practicing speech language pathologist affiliated with Tufts Medical Center, in Boston, Massachusetts, and faculty at Tufts University. She specializes in diagnostics and assessment practices of children, particularly for complex cases where language difficulties co-occur with behavioral and academic issues, such as ADD or dyslexia. Her clinical areas of expertise include autism, Child Apraxia of Speech, and Auditory Processing disorders. Kathleen is bilingual in Spanish and an advocate of bilingualism for children with language disorders.

Kathleen has presented at ASHA and other sponsored venues on issues related to diagnosis and treatment of children with developmental language disorders. She has acted as a consultant for Children’s Speech Care Center for several years. Some of her work with the clinic includes being a consultant on pediatric assessments and procedures, assisting with clinical project development and performing staff in-services. She is a valued resource at the clinic.


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