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Image of girl with crayon plus a quote "Our philosophy is to see your child as a 'whole' and maximize their ability to communicate."


Jinger Lough

310.856.8528 ext.163

Jinger Lough has a Master of Arts degree in Communication Disorders from California State University, Long Beach as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is currently employed full time with the Hawthorne School District and is very experienced with elementary aged children in assessment and therapy. She has also worked with the pediatric population in early intervention assessment and therapy.

Jinger has spent most of her time in the educational setting diagnosing and treating articulation/phonological/ motor speech delays and disorders and receptive/expressive language disorders. She is also skilled with social-pragmatic deficits. She is not only passionate about working with her patients, but also embraces the opportunity to collaborate with parents and caregivers to provide the best possible outcomes.

Jinger enjoys working with patients with all types of speech-language impairments. She is a committed speech-language pathologist who embraces the concept of treating patients as a “whole,” individualizing their therapy according to their strengths, challenges, and overall needs.


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