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Welcome to the Children’s Speech Care Center Website.

The following pages contain important information that will help make our Website quick and easy to use. Please be sure to read these pages before you travel deeper into the main site.

Thank you for visiting with us

We would like to thank you for visiting us and sincerely hope that we will be able to assist you. If you cannot find the specific answers you are looking for, please feel free to call or e-mail us for more detailed information. Please click on the “Contacting Us” button and follow the instructions.

Address your general comments to Bob Alba, Director of Operations, via his e-mail or fax to our general fax number.

Please bookmark this page now

This entire site is cross linked so it is very easy to navigate once you are inside. However, it also contains many links to other related Internet sites and you may not be able to return to this site. We have no control over navigation once you leave our site, so we recommend that you bookmark this page before proceeding. That way you can easily return if you find yourself locked out.

Communicating with you

“Communication” is our specialty so we have devoted a considerable amount of thought in regard to the construction of this Website. It is our sincere hope that you will find it informative, educational and above all, easy to use.

Should you encounter problems understanding its content or have difficultly using any of its features, we sincerely would appreciate your input. Contact Bob Alba, our Director of Operations, via the “Contacting Us” link and send a message outlining your concerns by e-mail or fax to our address.

Additionally, we would like to solicit any comments (or appropriate additional links) that you may have to contribute to this site. We would appreciate hearing from Parents, Speech and Language Professionals, all Pediatric Professionals and Educators, Speech and Language Students and any Governmental Agencies associated with providing help to children who are speech/language challenged.

We are always accessible to you

Note that “Contacting Us” is always available from any page on the site from the bottom navigation bar. You are invited to contact us via fax, phone, or e-mail.

Do not hesitate to contact Lynne Alba, President (clinical issues only), or Bob Alba, Director of Operations (all other inquiries) directly.

Each of our clinicians also has their own e-mail address and phone extension for your convenience.

Additionally, Lynne and Bob Alba’s home office phone is listed, should you need to contact us after hours or on the weekend.

Getting directions to our clinic in Torrance, California from your location

From the “Contacting Us” button you may launch directly to “Map Quest”™. This is a Map Service provider located on the Internet. Follow the simple directions and enter your location to retrieve a printable set of text or graphic directions to the clinic from your location

Site Organization

You will find that this site is organized in four basic sections, all of which can be accessed from every other section, no matter where you are in the site. You may go directly to each section or you can take a complete tour page by page. The link to all other sections is located at the top of each page on its own navigation bar. Point and click to launch the section you wish to access.

The Main Sections are:

  1. Understanding Speech and Language impairments
  2. Thinking about your personal needs
  3. Learning about the speech center
  4. Discovering avenues for additional help

Please note that each section contains “drop down menus.” In some cases the menus are “exploded” to yet other menu items. In each case there may be “blue links” that lead to pages related to that section’s content on the web.

A complete Site Map is provided including sub-headings for each section. You may “jump” to the index page by clicking the “next” button at the end of this introduction.

The sections are presented in a logical order proceeding from Understanding Speech and Language challenges for children, to Thinking about your own child’s needs, to Learning about how our clinic can help you and your child, and then finally to Discovering additional resources you may need.

Targeted Sections

Each section is targeted to helping you become better informed and educated about that section’s content. The section will include links to other sites on the Internet that may pertain to general and/or specific Speech and Language issues, related issues, news, and related providers, foundations, or governmental help. For example, in the section “Discovering” you will find links to a number of medical directories and dictionaries.

The Site is Dynamic

This site is intended to be a living source of information and will be constantly updated. We will be announcing speech and language related news and events, as well as general information that could be important to parents, children and the many other professionals and support agencies that relate to our specialty.

Helpful site conventions (standard methods of operation) and special program downloads

As elsewhere on the Internet, all linked pages are printed in blue and are underlined. Clicking on these pages so “marked” will launch you into that site or section.

Additionally, there are two programs that can be of great assistance to you in viewing and printing information from this site. You may download these programs directly from our location.

The first is Acrobat Reader™. This program allows you print out pages within this sight that contain articles you may wish to save in hard copy. When the documents are printed, you will receive “text” documents and not all the graphics that are shown on the web page. This is a much cleaner and faster way to print documents. This feature is available only on certain documents created within our website. These pages are marked with the Acrobat Reader logo.

Link to Download Acrobat Reader Plug-in

Please click here to download Acrobat Reader now.

The second program is called “Flash.” This is a program from Macromedia™, which will enable the on-line animation feature of our site. These features include short films showing actual therapy sessions for many of the more common speech/language issues. It will also enable you to take a virtual tour of the clinic itself.

You should know that the speed with which you view these film clips is dependant on your computer and speed of your modem or DSL. At this writing we are in production of a supplement to our printed brochure, which will be presented on CD. These films might be better viewed via the CD. When available it can be ordered directly from this site.

If you wish to download "Flash" please click here now.

Link to Download Macromedia Flash Plug-in

A final word about this site

Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is to provide useful information concerning specific aspects of pediatric Speech and Language disorders. We do not intend for any of it’s content to provide a substitute for specific care for any potential patient or their condition. The information found in this site is general in nature and is not specific to any single patient. Like all information-based sites, you should not consider the articles found here as clinical advice for any specific person.

The site is published and maintained by Lynne Alba Speech Therapy, a Professional Corporation. All rights reserved.

You are now ready to proceed

Thank you for reviewing this introductory page. You are now ready to proceed.

Click here to proceed to the site index page or select the section that you would like to review.


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